Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Ignoring Her Family Amid Brad Pitt Reconciliation Rumors

A year after her mom’s death, Jennifer Aniston’s relationship with her family keeps getting worse. Inside sources claim that the actress no longer visits her family and avoid phone calls because her schedule is too busy. Does Aniston’s behavior have anything to do with those Brad Pitt rumors?

An inside source revealed to Radar Online that Aniston hasn’t spoken to family members in a long time. Amid rumors of a Brad Pitt reconciliation, the Friends alum recently skipped her late aunt’s funeral and is simply too busy to chat with the family. Aniston might not have time for her family, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to communicate.

“I reach out to her whenever I can,” the anonymous family member explained. “I send her wishes to her office and they relay the message.”

Family Members Try To Reach Out

The relative calls Aniston on her birthday and holidays. Although the family member only had good things to say about the actress, Aniston never returns the calls, which is nothing new for the A-lister.

Aniston has a history of keeping her distance with family members. She allegedly only saw her mom, Nancy Dow, one time in five years. Things got so strained that Dow left Aniston nothing in her will and passed everything down to her granddaughter, Eilish Melick.

Is Justin Theroux To Blame?

It isn’t known why Aniston has essentially cut ties with her own family, but it may have something to do with her marriage to Justin Theroux. When she married Pitt in 2000, Aniston invited everybody to the wedding in Malibu. When Aniston and Theroux tied the knot in 2015, her family was surprised by the news and they still don’t know much about him.

Aniston And Pitt Reunite In Aspen

While Aniston deals with family issues, CafeMom reports that she might be reuniting with Pitt. Rumors are churning that Pitt and Aniston are planning a secret reunion in Aspen. Aniston was reportedly planning on skiing with friends in Aspen and Pitt thought it would be good if he joined them.

Pitt reportedly thought that nobody would recognize them in their winter gear and it would be perfect for a romantic reunion. The reunion rumors come after reports that Aniston’s marriage with Theroux is on the rocks.

Inside Aniston’s Strained Marriage

Theroux and Aniston have been very busy working on different projects over the past year. Their busy schedules have separated them for months on end, which sparked rumors of trouble in paradise. Despite all the breakup talk, a source recently revealed that Aniston and Theroux are doing just fine and their marriage couldn’t be better.

As far as Pitt is concerned, he allegedly started talking to her after his messy divorce with Angelina Jolie, though sources say they are just good friends.

Jolie Disses Aniston At Golden Globes

While rumors of a reunion heat up, the Huffington Post reports that Jolie majorly dissed Aniston during her speech at the Golden Globes this month.

Jolie was caught looking down while Jennifer Aniston presented an award on stage and a photo of the moment has been making rounds on social media ever since.

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